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Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions for Onex Financial Corporation Investors:

  • 1. Persons under 18 years are bot allowed to participate in our project;
  • 2. Onex Financial Corporation reserves the right to refuse registration and acceptance of funds from the investor without giving any reason;
  • 3. All the operations carried out on the company's website are confidential and access to them can be obtained only by registered users;
  • 4. Do not use someone else's account;
  • 5. Do not create more than one account;
  • 6. The Company is not responsible for any delay of payment systems;
  • 7. Information on ongoing investments and dividend payments is closed;
  • 8. Do not use third-party programs to work with the system and a private office;
  • 9. For infringements of rules and conditions for participation in Onex Financial Corporation, the administration reserves the right to use appropriate measures to protect the interests of our group of investors.

Responsibilities of the Administration:

  • 1. The administration will not disclose personal information to third parties provided by the investor;
  • 2. The Administration is committed to provide users with quality services: qualified technical support, all possible assistance to investors related to the project work. The Administration cannot guarantee the absence of work disruptions;
  • 3. Management reserves the right to amend this agreement unilaterally, as is obliged to inform the investors, as well as the publication of changes to the "News" section on the company website.

The investor has the right to:

  • 1. Produce awareness of others in order to attract them to participate in Onex Financial Corporation;
  • 2. Create your own sites and post information about the company;
  • 3. Send to Administration comments or feedback to improve our services;
  • 4. Require Onex Financial Corporation fulfillment of the conditions of this agreement.

Terms of the investment income and charges:

  • 1. After registration, payment your details can not be changed;
  • 2. Payment of interest on deposits occurs only on the payment system, to which the contribution was made;
  • 3. The minimum investment size is $ 50;
  • 4. The maximum investment is $ 100,000;
  • 5. Removal of the main deposit is impossible;
  • 6. The investor is obliged to provide accurate details of the payment;
  • 7. The investor has the right to have an unlimited number;
  • 8. Investor is forbidden to register multiple accounts;
  • 9. The investor may not use third-party programs to work with the system and his private office.

Terms of the partner program:

  • 1. The investor has the right to take advantage of affiliate programs only after registration on the Company's website;
  • 2. The company has the right to change the terms of the affiliate program without Investor’s notice;
  • 3. Affiliate fee is charged automatically to the balance of the account of the Investor;
  • 4. Spam in all its manifestations is strictly forbidden;
  • 5. Payment of partner compensation is carried out only on the payment system, with which the deposit was established by referral Investor.

Responsibilities of the parties:

  • 1. The Company is not responsible for incorrectly completed Investor payment details;
  • 2. The Company is not responsible for errors or failures in the payment systems;
  • 3. The company shall not be liable for any damages of any sort incurred by the investor - the use of the Company's website

Final provisions:

  • 1. All information on the site is provided for informational purposes only. We do not call for any action. Only you are responsible for your decisions and possible financial losses. Investing is a complex and risky way of earning, associated with a high risk of rapid loss of money due to the inability to properly dispose of their funds. Some non-professional investors suffer losses when using various online platforms for earnings. Think about whether you understand the principles of online projects and whether you can afford to risk your money. We are not responsible for your actions;
  • 2. When making a deposit investor is advised that past financial performance may differ from these figures in the future;
  • 3. The Company is entitled to suspend the operation, if its activities on the following factors of force majeure, such as earthquakes, manmade disasters, wars, revolutions, strikes, floods, epidemics;
  • 4. This agreement will remain legitimate in the case of further changes by the Company.